UNDO: The Science of Planning Your Future

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UNDO: The Science of Planning Your Future

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If you are willing to change, and have to read and watch, you are ready for UNDO.

What you'll learn

Understand the nature of success and failure

Understand the difference between 'why' you fail and 'what' you fail at

Identify personal themes in life that create success and failure

Correct personal themes that cause failure

Decide on goals for the future

Make the decision between attainable goals and unattainable goals

Understand the elements of a goal and quickly achieve goals

Put your life on 'auto-pilot' to achieve goals

Create goals for hobbies, personal life, business, and finances




When you finish this course, achieving goals won't be second nature - it will be your human nature!

One of the biggest obstacles to gaining the future you want is having the right processes...but choosing the wrong goals. Teaching around the world to thousands, Matt noticed that it did not matter the person or their profession, if one didn't UNDO their ties to the past and choose the future they truly wanted, failure was quick to follow.

Drawing on hundreds of hours of research, multiple published books, hundreds of instructional videos...Matt set out to create a scientific process of selecting goals and achieving them. UNDO has three sections - first you'll read the book section, then watch the video, and then work on the workbook!

The Book

A 70 page book of Matt's process of UNDO and on planning the future:

The 7 Phases of UNDO, from reflection to implementation

Cutting ties with the failures of the past and creating your future-self ;

Going from failure to success and how understanding why you fail, not what you fail doing is the key to your future

The incredible process of TGO, where Matt takes you from dreams on a sheet of paper to attainable goals;

Creating your own life 'start-up' with UNDO's four kinds of 'success capital' you have right now;

How Matt developed the 'success GPS', taking the most trusted journaling methods and scientifically perfecting them.

The Video

Indepth white board instruction on the concepts of UNDO, explaining the process step by step:

2.5 hours of video explaining the process of UNDO;

Whiteboard video covering every stage of the UNDO book and the concepts behind it;

Supplemental materials include: free 20 minute audio lecture 'Creating Success from Chaos', and additional video 'Attachment Math: How Attachment Stops you from Attaining Your Goals'

The WorkBook

A 40-page workbook that turns UNDO into your personal reality:

A workbook that makes UNDO personal, focused on you, your goals, and scientific process for achieving them:

A workbook designed around every phase of the UNDO process;

Hundreds of questions geared toward helping you understand your personal capabilities;

Rapid break-downs of the topics in UNDO, from Total Goal Organization to creating your own autopilot;

Easy to use, premade formats for use to speed the process described in the book;

Utilizing a step-by-step workbook that will teach you how to cut ties with the past and plan your future success. Combining humor and reflection with an indepth workbook that is easy to use, and 2 hours of whiteboard instruction, Matt gives you one of the most in-depth 'how to' methods for life-planning you've ever experienced. Whether it's more money in the bank or a promise you made to yourself as a child but think you can't do.with UNDO, you'll gain the tools and make it happen!

You don't have to wait 'the is right' - with UNDO you'll have no choice to achieve your goals.it'll be how you live.

Who this course is for:

Anyone who wants to learn to plan their future

Anyone interested in personal growth

Someone interested in the real causes of success and failure

Anyone wanting to achieve goals quickly with a real process

Anyone who has missed achieving goals in the past


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